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Born in Bodø, 1976. Lives in Bergen, Norway.




2013-2015 Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway – Master´s Degree in Fine Art

2009-2013 Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway – Bachelor´s Degree in Ceramics

1998 Examen Filosoficum and Examen Facultatum, University of Oslo, Norway

1993-1996 Examen Artium, Lycée Alain Chartier, Bayeux, France




The 73th North-Norwegian Art Exhibition (2019)

The 72d North-Norwegian Art Exhibition (2018)

The 71th North-Norwegian Art Exhibition, two works (2017)

The 70th North-Norwegian Art Exhibition (2016)

The 69th North-Norwegian Art Exhibition (2015)

The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts’ Exhibition 2013, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway (2013)

The 67th North-Norwegian Art Exhibition (2013)




Galleri Langegården, Bergen (April 2019)

KRAFT, Bergen (February 2019)

X Different Ways of Falling, vol 2, C4, Bergen (2018)

Night is also a Sun, Verk-Stedet, Kongsberg, Norway (2017)

Mikrokollaps – Bodø kunstforening, Bodø, Norway (2017)

Undertows – Collaboration with photographer Martin Losvik, LCA Málaga, Spain (2017)

Earthbound – Kraftfestivalen culture festival, Sørfold, Norway (2016)

STRAY – Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway (2014)

Animanomalies – Art festival “Ut av vår hule”, Fauske, Norway (2012)

Animalitos – Galleri Bokboden, Bergen, Norway (2012)




NO ISLAND II (TR4) – Vadsø kunstforening, Vadsø, Norway (September 2018)

From Which Direction Does a North Wind Blow – Piraeus House of Litterature, Athenes, Grece (April 2018)

NO ISLAND (TR3) – Arkhangelsk Artist Union Gallary, Russia (April 2018)

Hier und Da – Galerie M, Brandenburgische Verband Bildender Künstler, Berlin, Germany (2017)

LEKAM (TR2) – HardingartT, Utne, Norway (2017)

Monsters on Parade – Blank Space, Oslo, Norway (2017)

Members Exhibition – Kunstgarasjen, Bergen, Norway (2017)

Summer exhibition – TARE, Steigen, Norway (2016)

Time travelers (TR1), NOK Art Space, Bodø, Norway (2016)

Curators Choice – Samanhengande, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen, Norway (2016)

Protection, Alberthaugen fjellanlegg, Bodø, Norway (2015)

Kunsthall Coop, Agalaus Art Festival, Voss, Norway (2015)

Clay-Sculpture-And-Bread-Community, Agalaus Art Festival, Voss, Norway (2015)

Discount Parachutes, Bergen kunsthall, Norway (2015)

The Hardbakka Ruins Project, Bergen, Norway (2014)




Sculptural Walk – Easter Installation, Ytrebygda Churh, Bergen, Norway (April 2018)

Sculpture “Guardian” used as interior decoration for the tv-series Aber Bergen, season 1 – 2 (2016-17)

THE COMMONUMENT by Gabriel Johan Kvendseth, invited guest artist, part of Vågestykke, KORO, Bergen, Norway (2017)

Clay-Sculpture-And-Bread-Community, Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen, Norway (2015)

Clay-Sculpture-And-Bread-Community, Galleri Bokboden, Bergen, Norway (2014)

Clay-Sculpture-And-Bread-Community and Gneis Choir, KHiB, Bergen, Norway (2014)




Time Travelers (TR) exhibition series – curator and producer, K Curator Duo

– NO ISLAND II, TR4 – Vadsø Kunstforening, Norway (2018)

– NO ISLAND, TR3 – Arkhangelsk Artist Union, Arkhangelsk, Russia (2018)

– LEKAM, TR2 – HardingarT, Hardanger, Norway (2017)

– Time Travelers, TR1 – NOK, Bodø, Norway (2016)


I craft, I travel light, The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts theme exhibition, co-curator and writer

– Sami Center for Contemporary Art, Karasjok, Norway (2017)

– Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromø, Norway (2017)

– Murmansk Regional Art Museum, Russia (2017)

– Arkhangelsk Regional Art Museum, Russia (2016)





Arts Council Norway  Diversestipend (2018)

Hordaland County Council – Grant for education and travel (2017)

Municipality of Bergen – Establishment grant (2017)

Arts Council Norway – Diversestipend (2015)




Hardanger sin kunstnerbustad, Berlin, Germany (2017)

Can Serrat Residency, Spain (2015)




The Association for Norwegian Visual Artists

The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts




Berg og Båre, initiator, writer, editor and teacher. Cross- disciplinary art project for children and youth in collaboration with DKS Nordland and Scenekunst i Nordland (2017-2021)

Writer of the text: “Transitions – A Journey Through the History of Materials” in the publication “I craft, I travel light” (NK /Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum) (2017)

Editor and writer of the publication “Verdens aller beste klovn får ikke sove – om barn som medskapende kunstprodusenter”, with Tor Åge Bringsværd, Maja Zakariassen and Cecilie Haagensen (2017)

Scenography for Kjelvikspillet, Sørfold, Norway (2017)

Presentation of Norwegian arts and crafts, Arctic Art Forum, Arkhangelsk, Russia (2016)

Scenography for the musical “Marg og Bein”, Sørfold, Norway (2016)

Writer of the text “Uten tittel, 2015” in the magazine “Fanfare 5,5: FAENFARE – Kunstspesial” (2015)

Scenography and concept: “Verdens aller beste klovn skal må får ikke sove» (2015)

Assistant to Head of Project Management, Bergen Assembly (2013-2014)

Freelance Writer (2003-2009)