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STRAY. Installation. Mixed media. Shown at Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway (2014), at Kraftfestivalen, Sørfold, Norway (2016) and at Blank Space, Oslo, Norway (2017).

STRAY. Installation detail. Photo: Kobie Nel

STRAY. Installation, Galleri Fisk, 2014.

STRAY. Installation, Kraftfestivalen, Sørfold 2016. Photo: Jørgen Holst.

STRAY. Trying to take over the gallery Blank Space, as part of the exhibition “Monsters: They are among us” in Oslo, Norway (2017), while Margrete Slettebø and Kristiane Nerdrum Bøgwald are performing. Photo: Trym Schade Warloe.